About Enterprise Engineering (Gloucester) Limited


During its more than 20 year history, Enterprise Engineering has had customers from a wide range of clients including the aircraft industry, hydraulics, oil exploration, marine engineering, several motor racing companies and military applications.

Highly skilled

Over the years, Enterprise Engineering has created a team of highly skilled specialists in the fields of honing and lapping, and are often able to step in to prevent client’s internal work from being rejected … Saving the client large sums in terms of time and money.

Nationwide service

The company has maintained an established customer base throughout the UK, offering a nationwide service, and despite the vagaries of the engineering climate in Britain has maintained this by its flexibility and dedication to deadlines. With a totally committed workforce, customer service is of paramount importance.

Enterprise Engineering has the capability of handling a wide range of jobs with the same level of care, whether it is 1 or 10,000+

You can rely on Enterprise Engineering Gloucester Ltd.

Your next job

The next time you need honing and lapping services, call :

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You will be delighted with our speed of response, service, and our prices will enable you to maintain your margins and still please your customer.

In the competitive times ahead you cannot afford not to!