cylinder honing


Lapping cylinder honing,tube honing,valves,valve blocks all done in house


cylinder honing,tube honing,valves,valve blocks


Honing and Lapping

Advantages of honing

Honing has a major advantage over grinding, as the component or fabrication itself does not move; it is only the honing tools itself that rotates, and so large, complex, or awkward components can be honed without the need for complex, expensive fixtures, and due to the nature of the honing process, tool changes are far quicker, as the abrasives are designed to be removable and interchangeable without the need for time consuming wheel changing and resetting, and so roughing and polishing can be achieved using only one tool setup.

Advantages of lapping

The prime advantage of lapping is that the geo-metrical tolerances can be further improved after the honing process, and so roundness and straightness limits of 1 micron can be achieved, as well as a surface finish better then 0.05 um Ra. On components like fuel injectors, some having a core length of 175mm or more, or typical flatness on a 75mm diameter component of better than 1 um, with the same surface finish!